In the United States, forming an LLC in a particular state (such as Delaware) can provide significantly better asset protection advantages than forming that LLC in certain other states.  The same holds true for offshore LLCs.  Nevis is currently one of the best offshore jurisdictions for a limited liability company.

Forming a limited liability company in Nevis (a small island in the Caribbean) is relatively easy and can generally be done fairly quickly (usually within 4 to 5 working days).  The Nevis Limited Liability Company Ordinance of 1995 makes the structure of a Nevis LLC extremely flexible.  It is essentially a matter of contract among the members.  Nevis LLCs offer their members full privacy, as there is no public filing requirement regarding the identity of members.

Legal judgments obtained against a Nevis LLC in any foreign jurisdiction must be domesticated in Nevis.  This can prove to be expensive and time consuming; and Nevis attorneys are not allowed to work on a contingency basis.  A member’s interest in a Nevis LLC has "charging order" protection similar to that offered by many states in the United States.  Currently, no taxes are imposed on assets or income of a Nevis LLC as long as those assets and income originate outside of Nevis.

Many considerations are involved in a decision to form an offshore limited liability company.  If a decision is made that an offshore LLC is appropriate, Nevis is currently a good location to form such an entity.