Many things in my law practice run in spurts — just like things in our daily lives.  I may go a whole year without having a client buy or sell a business, and then several clients are engaged in business sales all at once.

This past month I have a had a disproportionate number of inquiries from people across the country who are asking about asset protection options after they have had a lawsuit filed against them — and even after a large judgment has been entered.  About a week ago I spoke to someone who had lost a court case; a judgment had been entered against him; he had appealed; and then he had lost the appeal.  Now he was thinking about protecting his assets.  Guess what?  I was not able to offer any good options for him.

There are situations in which certain legitimate asset protection alternatives could still be available to someone with a judgment against them.  But your options decline drastically once you are sued.

As I have mentioned many times before, the time for asset protection planning is right now, before any problems arise.