On Wednesday, August 19, UBS (one of Switzerland’s largest banks) agreed to turn over information on more than 4,450 American clients suspected by the IRS of using Swiss accounts for tax evasion.  Due to provisions of a new tax treaty between the U.S. and Switzerland, it could be more than a year before the IRS has all the

A lawyer accused of hiding assets was released from prison last week — after serving 14 years in jail.  H. Beatty Chadwick was sent to prison in 1995 for allegedly hiding $2.5 milion in assets in connection with his divorce.  By the time he was released last week from a county prison in suburban Philadelphia

A number of offshore jurisdictions have enacted trust laws that provide significant protection for debtors.  One example is St. Vincent in the West Indies.  Its trust laws have a number of separate provisions that make assets held in a St. Vincent trust very difficult for a U.S. creditor to reach.  One such provision